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Hammam Zineb

What is a Hamman?
What are its benefits?

The word hammam comes from Arabic and means "hot water". It is a type of steam bath inspired by Roman baths. Unlike saunas, which emit dry heat, the hammam or Turkish bath uses humidity to provide you with clean and hydrated skin, and good muscle relaxation, among many other benefits.

Purify yourself

Steam baths deeply purify and detoxify your body and mind. It is one of the oldest traditions in the world. This ritual has been a source of inspiration for decades to worship our body.


One of the first sensations you will have when entering the hammam is the total relaxation of your nervous system. The Turkish bath is an excellent method to combat stress, muscle and joint pain.

Give away a Hammam Zineb experience

The perfect surprise, a long-remembered gift...

A perfect gift for you or for your loved ones, to give to colleagues, for a very special occasion or to show your love on special days such as Christmas, Father's or Mother's Day, Valentine's Day or simply because. An experience like this moves all the senses and connects our Inner Nature with the benefits of physical, mental and emotional health that we all yearn for.

Why choose Hammam Zineb?

We offer a unique experience in a privileged place. In addition to excellent service and personalized treatment. But don't just take our word for it, here's what our customers say about us:

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Meet Zineb

How did it all start?

Hammam Zineb was born from the ideal of bringing the culture and benefits of the Arab bath to Terra Alta. Zineb, originally from Morocco and in love with her land, found the love of her life in La Pobla de Massaluca, a town in Tarragona, Spain. After years of living in this beautiful town surrounded by nature, Zineb decided to grace it with a truly authentic hammam. 

Zineb is a person who loves nature, with a strong bond and great awareness of the environment. In addition, she likes to take care of herself, run through the fields and feel good. That is why she enjoys offering a quality service to all her clients, so that they can disconnect and explore new sensations through the magic of water and among aromas that evoke a distant and suggestive era.